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The 5am Club

The 5am Club

The 5am Club – I promise it’s not as bad as it sounds.


What is the 5am Club?

Well it’s definitely not exclusive or members only, it’s actually very accessible.
It is, essentially, getting up at 5am to get in your non negotiables for the day.


What do we mean by non negotiables?

You may have read our blog on the importance of a morning routine which goes into more detail, but essentially it’s the little habits that you do on a daily basis that set you off on the right foot for the day. Whatever they may be.
Some people like to read the newspaper with a cup of coffee, some people like to work out, others may relish in a morning meditation or journalling session.
Whatever you do that makes you feel like you’re set up to have a good day.



I have become a sort of ‘self nominated guinea pig’ for these things and so I decided to make my jet lag on coming back from Bali work for me, rather than becoming a slave to it.

On waking up at 4:30 am in Toronto the morning after the 24hr journey back from Indonesia, I decided to join the 5am club.
(Many may have heard of ‘living like Casey’ (Casey Neistat that is) which was a similar concept, designed to make the most of each day and remain focused and productive.)


My mornings looked like this:

  • 5am: Wake up, Journal/Meditate (often with a hot water and lemon)
  • 6am: Leave for yoga
  • 6:15-7:15am: Hot yoga class
  • 7:15-8am: Get ready/shower
  • 8-10am: Cafe work/social media posting



Now, understandably, if you are working a 9-5, the working until 10am to get your personal work bits done is less feasible.
But, the feeling of accomplishment was great.
Before most people had even started their day, I’d had a whole morning to myself, to set up my vibe for the working day ahead.


While getting up at 5am sounds, and at the beginning feels awful, the actual practicality and high vibe feeling you get from taking that time for you is GREAT!
You feel super-human!


We challenge you to give the 5am Club a go!!
Even if it’s just for two weeks (we have a feeling you will thank us)!


Let us know how it made you feel!!



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Until next time!


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